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You may have heard about the Nutribullet (occasionally misspelled as the Nutri Bullet) via a TV infomercial, or perhaps you saw an ad for it online. You could be wondering if it’s any different from the Magic Bullet, the Baby Bullet, or any of the other Bullet Blenders. Or perhaps you’ve heard the name from a health-conscious friend and want to learn more (that’s how I first learned of the Nutribullet). Either way, before looking for reviews or recipes or anything, let’s answer a few important questions in a Nutri Bullet FAQ.

What is the Nutri Bullet exactly?

On their official website, the founders of the Nutribullet call it “…the best product out there to make healthy, nutritious drinks that can help you fight and prevent disease, lose weight, relieve joint pain, promote healthy, younger-looking skin, and even add years to your life.”

In essence, it’s a cross between a high-speed blender and a juicer, geared towards creating healthy smoothie-like drinks out of whole foods. Some call it an “extractor”, as it’s powerful motor and blades can grind and liquefy the skin, seeds, and pulp from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and more.

One of the reasons the Nutri Bullet is so popular with those who are looking to improve their health is because it utilizes the “whole” food. Juicers extract juice from fruits and vegetables, but in doing so, they remove the pulp and much of the fiber and other nutrients from these foods. Blenders can mix together healthy ingredients for a tasty snack, but even the most powerful ones have trouble grinding down certain foods to the point of where they are liquefied. The Nutribullet is able to not only extract the juices from foods, but then mix and liquefy the remaining pulp from those foods to make something the company calls a “NutriBlast”.


How Can the NutriBullet System Improve Your Health?

From the very essence of its name, the NutriBullet has been created for those looking to improve their overall health. How does it do this? By providing an easy way for people to digest nature’s medicine – whole foods.

Most anyone will tell you that they are well aware that eating fruits and vegetables is good for their health. The problem is that while we know it is good for us, it’s not always easy to do. Some simply don’t like the taste of vegetables. Others are so busy, that sitting down to eat 5-7 vegetables a day is simply not realistic. Smoothies first became popular for this very reason – that offered a quick way to “drink” 3 or 4 fruits instead of the amount of time it would take to eat them.

Where the Nutri Bullet has been successful is that it is powerful to not only blend fruits and vegetables, but that is can liquefy things like nuts and other healthy supplements, adding more nutrients to your NutriBlast drink. And while you or I may not be thrilled with eating large amounts of Kale or other green vegetables, when foods such as these are mixed in a NutriBlast, they’re found to be very tasty, making us want to actually drink more. Now, multiple NutriBullet recipes are being posted online (many of which you can find on this site) of combinations of foods others are using in their NutriBlasts to improve their health.

In addition to the amount of healthy foods one can consume with the Nutri Bullet, there’s an added health benefit with the state of the foods after they have been extracted. Any time a person eats, extra energy is needed for that food to be properly digested. Foods “extracted” or liquefied by the Nutri Bullet no longer need that energy as they are in their most absorptive state without having to rely on chewing, stomach acids, digestive enzymes to break down the food further.

While the NutriBullet will never be able to claim that it offers medical cures, it provides a simple and efficient way to increase the amount of healthy nutrients you consume each day. It’s these nutrients, proteins, etc that will inadvertently improve your immune system, your energy levels, aid you in loosing weight, and more.


What all can the Nutri Bullet Make?

While the Nutribullet is best known for it’s NutriBlast drinks, it can also be used to create a variety of other recipes. These include soups, dips, ice cream, and more. Included in the Nutribullet system (the full package of accessories and supplies one would receive upon purchasing the Nutribullet) is a Milling Blade. While the extractor blade works best for NutriBlast shakes, the milling blade can be used to grind brown rice into flour, almonds into almond butter, and more. This further extends the amount of healthy foods one can make with the Nutri Bullet.


Nutribullet vs. Magic Bullet – What’s the Difference?

For some who already own a Magic Bullet blender, they may be wondering what the difference is between these two systems. The biggest difference is the size and amount of power produced by the Nutribullet. The Nutribullet offers a 600 watt motor, in comparison to the 250 watt motor of the Magic Bullet. This, in conjunction with the Extractor Blades, allows the Nutribullet to liquefy things like seeds, nuts, and stems in a NutriBlast – something the Magic Bullet is unable to do. One more subtle difference between the two products is that the Nutribullet offers mixing cups of two sizes, with the largest being 24 ounces. The Magic Bullet only offers contains with an 18 oz capacity.


Where can one find the Nutri Bullet?

Like most products that fall under the “As Seen On TV” category, the infomercials for the NutriBullet seen on television recommend that you visit the product’s website or call a toll free number to purchase the system. That being said, the NutriBullet is available in some stores (though the price in person may be different from what you see in the commercial). We recommend purchasing the entire Nutri Bullet system at Amazon, where it currently qualifies for Super Saver/Prime shipping options. (Super Saver shipping offers free shipping within the US, while those with Amazon Prime memberships can receive free 2-Day shipping).


Where can I find more Nutribullet Recipes?

This is dedicated to providing as many different Nutribullet Recipes as possible. When purchasing the Nutri Bullet system, you will receive a manual with a few recipes to get you started. This site will soon list the not only what is found in the NutriBullet recipe book, but we are continually searching the internet and reposting other popular Nutri Bullet recipes as well.

If you have a favorite recipe that you would like to share with others, we’d love to hear from your. You can contact us HERE to submit your favorite recipes of recipe variations online.


  • Mamaboo

    My dad purchased a nutribullet one night after seeing the infommercial. With credit card in hand, He stays up at night and ends up purchasing alot of things he sees on tv. I have to say the this was one purchase I am glad he made. I use many expensive health food supplements and enjoy being healthy because of them, and the nutribullet has eliminated the need for these supplements. The whole foods concept is better and this extractor makes it so easy, less expensive, fun and pleasingly tasty to stay healthy. Everything in this article is true, I felt the health energizing effects of a nutriblast with my first smoothie. Any vitamin or supplement you need can be gotten in this way. You dont need to stuff the cup with alot to get a satisfyingly healthy meal. I hated eating my veggies, but now I love it. Your first trip to the produce store may be expensive, but in the long run you will spend less because it goes a long way, and eliminates the need for bottled health food store vitamins and supplements. This is the right way to get your nutrition, and it just happens to be enjoyable, too.

    • Bob

      I bought mine about 3 weeks ago after watching it on HSN, and I love it. I use it twice every day, for breakfast and an after dinner desert.

  • john

    I have heard of a nutri bullet recipe that boosts red blood cells,and lowers w cells.Anyone hear of this one?

  • beachlife27

    I just received my NutriBullet, and have not even tried it yet. I am trying to find weight loss recipes. Can anyone let me know where to find them.

  • Mary

    I have had my NutriBullet for one week and have used it everyday. I am really enjoying my morning drinks. Easy to use and clean. I have even made smoothies with my NutriBullet. It has more than paid for itself in the first week, I look forward to creating more healthful drinks.

  • Jake

    Nutribullet is an amazing piece of machinery. way better than anything else out there.


  • mary

    Absolutley love this machine! Works great and is a breeze to
    Clean. What a fun way to eat healthy!

    Thanks Nurtibullet!

  • sarah

    Check out the website for (and do watch the dvd — so inspiring for weightloss). Their recipes are for juicing, and are geared at weightloss, but all work for the nutribullet. The simple answer, as their website explains, if you want the nutrients but do not want to lose weight, use bananas, nut, avocados and other higher fat fruits and nuts more sparingly, and even focus on greens over sweet fruits more.

  • nettie taylor

    what is sp complete meal replacement

  • Kathy

    Just got my nutribullet. Mine comes out watery. How much liquid should I use?

    • Cindi

      There’s a line on each cup that tells you where to fill it up to.. Also, I use green tea instead of water sometimes.

  • valerie

    I just got my nuri bullet where do I get the recipes that you have on the show I have the 10second book can you help me ….

  • diane

    I was wondering do you drink the same drink for a week then change it up or is it different everyday? Do you start with say a detox and drink for a week then change to something like weight loss or something that refers to your ailment

  • Kathy

    Just got the nutribullet rx….wore out the first nutribullet. I am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and was disappointed that so many recipes contain those items. When I first started using nutria bullet….don’t recall seeing so many nuts in everything. I have just embarqued on a vegan diet regimen because of cancer and am also finding that the recipes have high sugar counts..sugar feeds cancer…looks like I will have to come up with my own combinations….any ideas anyone?

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