Nutribullet Recipes to Improve Health

On this page, you will (soon) find various Nutriblast and other Nutribullet recipes that can help combat various health concerns and diseases.

One of the reasons the Nutribullet blender is so popular right now is that it markets itself as a tool that will not only help you get healthier, but assist you in your weight loss goals and combat various diseases. While the Nutribullet is great and can help with these things, it is the healthy foods found in your Nutriblasts that really do all the healing power.

Rather than looking at Nutriblasts as some sort of “magic pill”, we recommend looking at these recipes with this mindset: by putting the best possible foods into your body, you can rest assured that you are positively impacting every single cell and system in your body, empowering it to be the best it can be.

It is very difficult to distinguish one recipe as being more powerful than another for any one specific ailment. However, because of the research we’ve personally done as to the healing power of foods and proper nutrition, we will do our best to recommend certain Nutri bullet recipes based on their specific ingredients.

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: We need to state right now that we are not medical professionals in any way. Our goal in creating this website is to provide tasty recipes to help you on your journey to improved health. The lists you’ll find below were not compiled through any sort of exact science and are in no way an “official” endorsement as to how to treat serious diseases (in other words, please do not sue us if your health conditions do not change after trying these Nutriblasts :)). However, as we’ve researched different food combining methods, studied nutrition, and have read reviews from others, we believe that through the nutritional value found in the foods found in these Nutriblasts, the symptoms you are experiencing can greatly diminish (or go away all together).

(Recipe lists are coming soon.)

Nutribullet Recipes for Migraines

Nutribullet Recipes for Fibromyalgia

Nutribullet Cancer Recipes

Nutribullet Recipes for Energy

Nutribullet Immune Boosting Recipes

Nutribullet Recipes for Weight Loss


  • Terrie

    Wonder is there any recipes for fibroid tumor to be cure if we make something in nutribullet to drink or whatever.

    Hope to hear from you sooner


  • Sandra

    Menopause recipes?
    Thank you!

  • Charlie Peña

    You have a topic for “Nutribullet Recipes for Weight Loss” but the link is not yet active. I’m guessing it’s because it is still being worked on. Any way I can get notified once it is up and running? Or get a few recipes sent while it is published? I order my NutriBullet this past weekend, so I’m excited to start using it. Thank you. :)

  • rachel

    I was just roar with colon cancer had a colon resection, set for chemo in about a month. Looking for recipes to help with chemo side effects and immunity and cancer fighting

  • Charlie

    Any Recipes for Crohns disease, or Ulcerative Colitis?


  • Mamaboo

    I have been adding turmeric to every recipe, it has many great health benefits especially for arthritus and cancer patients. I use the ground spice but want to find it fresh for obvious reasons. A little bit wont change the taste of your smoothie. I also use one small piece of 85% dark cacoa, ginger and cinnamon. A google search for ten best anti aging supplements, then one more search to find the plant foods they occur in naturally will give you a good start in fighting effects of cancer and traditional treatments(like radiation and chemo). Just be smart amd stay away from unproven radical theories unless you find solid medical research that proves a food is good for what you need.

  • voula

    anything for rosacea?

  • mrsdmk

    I hope the post a NutriBlast for people with liver problems…an extra super detox/immune builder since people with liver conditons have a lowered immune system plus their liver cant process toxins as normal. There are tons of supplements that claim to help with liver function but I already take supplements for weight loss/general health, and am on several prescroption meds so the last thing I want is another pill or capsule to take. Since getting my NB about 3 months ago I now eat freggies-up to 12 servings a day sometimes more. I used to only eat fruit as a beverage or as part of a dessert. And the only vegtables I ate were in salads or as a side dish so that its self is a miracle!

  • Lynda Christian

    Looking for a.recipe for a smoothie to help me sleep

  • diane

    Can I add calm to recipes? Its a magnesium powder that I drink as a tea but would rather use in this if possible

  • Karen Vitale

    if anyone has or is using a recipe for fibromyalgia please let me know via e-mail. Thanks

  • Renee

    Try no wheat or gluten. I used to eat a lot of bread. My redness on my face disappeared when I stopped eating bread, pastry, cookies, pasta, etc.
    Good Luck

  • Russ

    Is there a recipe for dehydration!!!

  • Danielle

    Anyone help me? I made my first blast with flaxseed and it didn’t grind the flaxseed so I ended up with a great smoothie with nasty pieces of flax seeds in it :(

  • Isabel

    Is there a recipe for people that have anti-coagulant lupus??

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